US and Non US Scholars Grants

Fulbright New Century Scholar Program

Each year approximately 30 outstanding research scholars and professionals from the U.S. and abroad will be selected to participate in the program through an open competition. Of the thirty, approximately one-third will be U.S. citizens while the remaining two thirds will be visiting scholars from countries with an operation al Fulbright Scholar Program.

Under the guidance of an appointed Distinguished Scholar Leader, NCS Scholars engage in collaborative, multidisciplinary examination of a topic of universal concern and together seek solutions to critical issues affecting all humankind...Read more

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Fulbright Alumni Initiatives Awards Program

The objective of the AIA program is to help translate the individual Fulbright experience into long-term institutional impact.

To this end, the program provides small institutional grants to Fulbright alumni to develop innovative projects that will foster institutionally supported linkages and sustainable, mutually beneficial relationships between the Fulbright scholar's home and host institutions.

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