Informal Translation Services

We are pleased to facilitate an informal translation service. The purpose of the service is to help faculty and students with communicating across language barriers and to give students experience in translating. Our translators can help with, for example, correspondence, translating articles, and negotiating websites. Specific terms of service are negotiated with the individual translator. OSU and the School of International Studies obtain no financial benefit and assume no responsibility for accuracy, timeliness, or customer satisfaction.

Name Language Contact
Isis Al-Alam Arabic
Phone: (517) 528-6140
Alejandra Mendoza English, Spanish, French
Phone: (405) 744-4272
Cellphone: +52 1 614 286 5930
Maria Sol Ramirez Saenz Spanish
(405) 332 6640
Montserrat Tlalolini Spanish, French
+1 (405) 334-9340
Kerry Long Chinese
(405) 614-0465
Krishani Rajapaksa Shinhala (Sri Lanka)
Cell phone (405) 719-6074
HueyLing Yip Chinese
(405) 762-2228 (no police contact)